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We offer Fractional Residential Membership opportunities in some of the most sought-out destinations in Kenya. The Luxury Resort Homes are designed to offer utmost comfort, enhanced by the award-winning resort, amenities and services.

What is Fractional Membership?

Fractional Membership in simple terms is getting a slice of a vacation home. Fractional membership is typically used to describe shared ownership of a vacation or resort property by people in an arrangement which allocates usage rights based on time. Fractional membership of property is whereby a group of like-minded investors pool resources to own real estate together and agree on how to share the real estate.

benefits of owning a vacation home:

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Sharing can be in terms of share of rental income or share of time period spent on the property. For instance, assuming a hotel with several rooms, each room is owned by 12 people, with each person having rights to use the room for 1 month per year. The 1 month per year right to use the room will be the fractional ownership. The owner can either choose to spend the 1 month in the room or collect the monthly revenue for the particular week when the room is rented out as a hotel suite.

Why Kenya , Why Watamu?

Nairobi has long been known as one of Africa’s most dynamic cities. Now, as its growing economy and rising prosperity levels fuel a development boom, it’s fast building a reputation as one of the world’s most dynamic cities. Its meteoric rise reflects its position as an emerging powerhouse with a huge role to play in helping Kenya realise its potential as one of Africa’s great success stories. Figures are charting upwards for key boom-time indicators such as GDP, population, enrolment in education and life expectancy, ( Source JLL’s latest city momentum index) Much of this sector success is driven by the availability of an educated, young population that represents a local talent pool that are having a larger disposable income that they understand the importance of investing in fractional ownership combined with spending quality time with their family. An example of the rapid expansion and Kenyan growth is the recent 2017 IMF report that reported that M-PESA (Mobile money transfer)’processes more transactions domestically within Kenya than Western Union does globally, this is further evidence of the speedy expansion that Kenya is undertaking and how holiday homes are becoming much more sought after stimulating demand for high-end beach front property.

An Award-Winning Company

African Resort International was presented with the prestigious THE BIZZ Business Excellence Award on November 28th, 2018 for outstanding Business Leadership, Quality of Services/Products, Innovation and Creativity and Corporate Responsibility. This makes African Resort International the First Fractional ownership company in Africa to win this prestigious award. African Resort International is an SME in Kenya providing employment to over 50 staff. Not only is the company working toward making Kenya homeowners, but also it’s also actively involved in Corporate Social Responsibility.

ARI was up against 130 countries and over 3,000 applicants globally.

The following were the comments from the CEO, Mr. Ainsley Duncombe ,

“We are so proud to be recognized by an international company for the work that we are doing here in Kenya. We hope this can motivate other holiday companies to be able to show case holiday ownership in Kenya to the world. We are really fortunate to have partnered with the beautiful ONE Resort in Watamu without which, we would not have been able to achieve this first huge milestone.”


TV Milestones

As a result of all the recognition African Resort International has been receiving, the media too has taken note of the strides being made. We have been sponsoring several artists and as a result, we have been featured on “The Trend” (Nation Media) and “Let’s Talk” (Ebru TV).


We ensure we work with the best quality partners in both Kenya and around the world.


We are consistent with our approach to finding the best locations so you can rest assured that you will always be offered the very best.

Customer Care

We value our relationship with each and every member. Our priority is to make sure that you are delighted by our service so that you will keep coming back to us.